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Navigating along the road we call life, the unexpected happens. Layers of shock, denial and uncertainty become the norm. Numbness takes its course. Still wondering if it was real, or even if it is real, we begin to wonder. Our minds slow down. Our pulse speeds up. Our sense of time seems to stand still, often making what happened to appear serial. Yet, the impact of what happened is real. Robberies, death, assaults, abuse, violence, accidents, storms, disasters … their inescapable presence is undeniable. Their impact is real.

Feelings of entrapment, grief, loss, separation, despondency, panic, overwhelm, fear, and anger often show up in the aftermath of trauma. In its wake, standing in the mist of quaking uncertainty, you and only you, face its reality.

In life, as in story, change happens. Life as we once knew it will never again be the same. A new normal begins to happen. A story is how we express or add meaning to our life experiences.

Whatever has happened, happened. What was done is done. Nothing can be changed. We can try to look back, but what was there isn’t what is here now. Strong emotions come out of nowhere. Our minds spin around in search of an answer it doesn’t know. Now, what …? Here is where a new normal or a new reality begins.

The power of story impacts our lives.

Stories, we love them. We crave them. We inhale them like yesterday’s air. We listen to them. We read them. We watch them. We tell them. We dwell on them. We live them. 

The more we tell a story, the more it grows. The more it grows, the more it can become part of who we are. The more real we make these stories, the more they become the reality of our lives.

Aspects of this site focus on finding strength through trauma, on exercises towards resiliency and on introducing some of the greatest, folkloric trauma survivors of centuries past.

Folktales, fairy tales, myths and legends all talk about aspects of life’s challenges and uncertainty. For here, in the realm of folklore, we find every challenge known to humankind. Some of these stories were told for entertainment, while others offered moral support, transmitted secret information or cultural values. Many of these stories offer insight into the nature of humankind and the reality of what is possible. Story Impact utilizes folklore in supporting strength through trauma.

While the basis of these stories lies in the realm of folklore, their messages, their characters and their journeys reflect the reality of human lives and the cultural norms from which they were told. Their stories of poverty, slavery, robbery, death, natural disaster, separation and loss still impact our lives today.

Please Note: This site is not designed to diagnose or treat challenges relating to mental illness, crisis intervention or life-threatening situations. If you are experiencing any type of mental health emergency, immediately call 911 or contact your healthcare team.

Story Impact: Changing Stories – Impacting Lives

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