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Have you ever felt like your life was a spinning disk, rerunning the same stories and routines of our daily experiences?

Have you ever felt like a whirring disk endlessly spinning endlessly inside a player? As if the events or stories of your life were somehow locked in place, repeatedly playing on and on. With these events spinning around, you may wonder if things could be different. How they could be different. Even if events or circumstances in your life could really change. Also wondering if you could get out of the things or situations which you feel stuck or trapped in. Then finding yourself spinning deeper and deeper into the stories of what happened, why it happened and when it happened. Almost as if these events or circumstances somehow became trophies in need of being guarded or defended.

How many of us love a great story?

Captivating stories welcome us, as listeners and readers, into the vivid realism of their world, their characters, and their adventures. Elements of suspense, drama, comedy, romance and change add to their appeal. The powerfully compelling images of story engage and captivate our attention from beginning to end. Often the impact, the images and the messages of these stories stay with us long after the story is over.

Stories from our parents, grandparents, teachers, books and media productions can consciously and subconsciously influence our decisions and belief’s about ourselves and our lives.

Story . . . Life is as it is; change happens. Life will never be the same again. The meaning we add to the events and experiences of our lives.

Stories impact our lives.

People love great stories. By our nature, we crave them and even inhale them like yesterday’s air. We listen to them. We read them. We watch them. We tell them. We live them. We tell them again. We tell to others. We tell them to ourselves.

The more we feed a story, the more it becomes a living reality.

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