Reporting for Duty – Military Families


Disruptions, interruptions, delays, roadblocks and uncharted territory comprise living and elements of daily living. Expecting the unidentified unexpected can arrive in a variety of ways, such as; jobs, pregnancy, death, moving, transportation and waking-up. Yet some disruptions to live’s more familiar routines can create revines of separations for military personnel and their families. A place where commitment, service and duty take its members into different worlds of living reality.

One is prepared for what others have told them; activity duty, tours of duty, duties of training and of service relocation. Then it happens. Preparedness fades into life on the front. A place where some call hell. A place where everything you thought you knew growing up is not what you know now. A place where the perception of life exists in unimaginable extremes and unparalleled realities.

Yet civilian life and lives continue on through the seasons of generations; what’s for dinner; where’s grandpa; who used my toothbrush; who let the neighbor out; frantic searches for your kids return to sender labels; and of eccentric uncle Marvins. A place where the perceived routines and reality of daily life once felt normal to everyone now feels normal to only a few.

When a parent or family member leaves for active duty the rest of the family must re-adjust themselves, their roles and their position in the family unit to meet the challenges of the family who has left. Once that initial adjustment is made, the family continues on with daily life, as they too continue to grow and change in their interactions with one another.

Here is where coming home isn’t what anyone expected it to be.

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