Refocusing Images of the Past


Whose brain did this come from? A favored response from a cherish friend. Really, whose brain did it come from? Imagines comprise the language, the verbiage, the talk and the chatter of the human mind.

The aroma of grandma’s stove-flaming, smoked and scorched pancakes leaves a memorable, sensory impression. One not an easily forgotten on your next trip to grandma’s house.

How about your impending trip across the Bermuda Triangle? Whether it’s you or your friends, story ‘s emotional baggage already exceeds an ocean-bound, freight liner’s storage limits and weight requirements. The worst part is; you haven’t left yet.

Maybe even the new car you have been swooning over. Its picture is now plastered on every micro-chipped device under you control. Seeing it, believing it; then watching it come true. The one you somehow know, just know, will soon be yours.

The images of trauma, the aftermath of an unexpected experience. The sudden realization that life has changed; forever . . . These images are real. What we choose to focus our attention on is just as real. The haunting images of trauma are real. For most people, these images diminish with time. For others, this time frame maybe longer than expected or even anticipated. Replacing these lingering images with newer, fresher ones, moves us in the direction of a new story; a new outlook. An image and a story which will take us into and beyond our next, strength empowering step.

The vivid images of the past are real, but so is our choices in dealing with them. What is something you would like to experience now? What is your next step? Get a visual image of what this looks like for you. Of what it feels like. Briefly write it down on a small card or illustrate it. Throughout the day, look at it. When you do, see and feel the experience of it. Step into the belief of its reality. Believing is seeing; oftentimes before seeing is believing. Through the power of your imagination; change the focus . . . to change the images . . . to change our life’s next step.

Until next time . . . Story Impact: Changing Stories – Impacting Lives!

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  1. I love “believing is seeing”. I like the idea very much: If we can change what we see, we can change what we believe – about our past, our future, our selves.



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