Not What I Expected


No, this is, definitely, not what I expected.

It isn’t like you got up this morning, or any other morning, with the alarm clock buzzing inside your head. Knocking it off your nightstand, you stagger to your feet. Forcing your eyelids open, you look into the mirror. Looking back at you stands a vacant post-a-note begging you to fill it in with your daily goals and intentions list. The very ones which didn’t include being robbed, shot at or nearly being run over by a car careening through your workplace window. It probably didn’t include anything like what you experienced. Yet it happened. You were there. You didn’t choose it but now you must deal with it; even if dealing with it means ignoring it. Then to choose how you might possibly get through this.

Now what? First; acknowledge what happened. Even that it did happen. Next; give yourself a chance to grieve and to get the support you need; a trip to the gym; a new pair of shoes; a case of tissue paper; an incredible friend; your dog . . . Give yourself permission to be who you are in this moment.

Finally; look at what happened . . . How did you handle it? What did you do to help the situation? How did your choices impact you? What was happening around you? Through answering these questions, you may discover how you might have significantly impacted your own or someone’s life for the better. If the memories feel a bit insurmountable, ask yourself; Is this happening now? Am I safe now?

You already have what you need. You faced the impossible. Now too, you have what you need to move forward. No one knew at the time of the incident how they were going to make it through, but they did. No one knows how they will make it through now, but for most, they will. Take some time to identify and acknowledge the gifts, skills and strengths you already have. By doing so, it expands the path ahead of you and acknowledges the change which has already happened.

Until next time . . . Story Impact: Changing Stories – Transforming lives.

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