Change – Moving Forward

Experiences in life, particularly traumatic ones, can bring up feeling of being overwhelmed, stuck and uncertain. They can also leave us wondering if, or how we could ever move forward. The weightiness of: This is life; my life. Nothing comes easy. Your weren’t there. You don’t know; I can’t keep going . . . can feel looming and finalizing. Being lost in the story of our experiences can make us feel small.
What we are feeling in the moment is real. Yet, our ability to change this is equally as real.

Acknowledging where we are is the beginning of undoing what feels like an unending ending. Ask yourself:

Is it ok for me to be me?
Is it ok that what happened happened?
Is it ok for me to feel the way I do?

For many of us, when we stop fighting with ourselves and our experiences we can begin to see beyond them. There is no right or wrong answers to these questions. If they bring up emotion or mind chatter, write down or draw it out. Then destroy the paper. Another suggestion is to visually see them dissolving or breaking apart until there is nothing left.

Now, what would I like to experience?

Looking back is often easier than looking ahead. What ever things feel like now, life around us is still moving forward and things are still changing. While facing feelings anger, fear, powerlessness or uncertainty there maybe a tendency to swallow our own voice and to forget we still have the power of choice. Yet, most mornings we wake up. We decide to brush or not to brush our teeth. We move on through the routine and experiences of our day. We decide. We choose. We act.

Looking ahead, what are somethings we can do to remind ourselves change is possible? Even if this means going home from work or an appointment a different way. Wearing an outfit that you haven’t worn in a while. Getting a new pair of shoes. Cleaning out a closet or another area of your home or office. Adding a vase of fresh flowers to your desk or the kitchen table. Enjoy the moment and acknowledge you choice in what you are choosing to change.

Until next time . . . Story Impact: Changing Stories – Changing Lives!

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