About Us

At Story Impact, we utilize the power of folktales and personal narrative to ReStory the traumatic experiences of your past into the strength promoting stories of your future.

Life happens without knowing who or what is in its way. The experiences of trauma impact our lives. Story is the meaning we attach to experiences of our lives. Changing the story or the meaning of what happened changes the direction of our lives.

Grace Wolbrink
– ReStory Coach – Storyteller
Faculitor Sedona Method 

Grace supports individuals and groups in breaking free from damaging confines of a story.  Combining her skills in the areas of social work and storytelling Grace uses folktales to support people in moving beyond the limiting stories impacting their lives.

ReStory supports you in moving beyond being a victim of circumstances into strengthening the hero you already are. 

Through her personal journey into the world of storytelling, Grace came to realize the stories we tell are part of us; a part of who we are as unique individuals, immersed in the reality of our own lives. It was not, as she previously thought, the memorization of someone else’s literary words. Not the words of daily conversations. The true power of a story comes from the unique expression and artistry of one’s own voice.

For in story, as in life, its characters are as outlandishly adventurous, deviously mischievous and outrageously zany as any of us truly are. 

Story Impact: Change Your Story – Impact Your Life.

“It was hard to visualize what a storyteller would do in the modern world. Grace’s story of melding her Social Work practice with storytelling was amazing. I only wish someday I can tell stories as well as she can.”

Jeffery Gowell – Business Administration – Ludington, MI

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